Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Days 49-52

Just to catch you up to date:  I was able to go to Church and Sunday School AND go visit with our favorite grandchildren that evening.  On Monday, I was able to go to the office and work until noon.  Tuesday I met with my doctor and began treatment #4.  Today I'll get a "refill" on my chemo pump at noon.  I'm feeling okay; not spectacular, but not crappy yet.  Then this afternoon I'll get a hair shape/trim.. At this point, I have not lost all my hair, but it is thinning.  So I'll get it shaped up a bit.  That should make me feel better.

I am determined to focus on the good and positive and not so much on the negative each day.  I wish the same to you.


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Jessica M said...

We were thinking about you yesterday, glad you're feeling OK!

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