Sunday, November 20, 2011

November 14-20, 2011

Dana, forgive me, but I'm too lazy to keep counting days!!

This is an update post, but a little [actually hugely] different from the usual updates.  I will pick up where the last post left off . . .  We arrived at the oral surgeon only to discover that Dan's heart rate was too low [33] for them to put him to sleep.  We were told to see a cardiologist as soon as possible.  Well that turned out to be Wednesday morning [16th] at 10:15.  After the mandatory questions and an EKG, the cardiologist entered the room with a rather panicked look on his face.  He said, and I quote, "Mr. Romberg, I don't know why you are still alive.  I have ordered an ambulance to pick you up and take you immediately to Huntsville Hospital!"

Apparently having a heart rate in the 30's for several days is not a good thing!  After 4 hours in the ER Dan was admitted to the cardiac area.  Verdict: he would need a pacemaker.  So, Thursday at about 1:00 p.m. he had a pacemaker "installed" and his heart has been beating perfectly ever since!!  He was released Friday and has done well.  The worst requirement is that he must wear an "immobilizer" on his left shoulder/arm for six weeks.   That is to protect the "leads" to his heart from coming out when he might raise his arm or pull his shoulder back.

I am pleased to report that even though it was not the restful week I had anticipated, I managed to do everything I needed to do.  Thanks to the Herwig Hotel for putting me up for two nights, which decreased the driving time I would have had.

Today I was able to go to church and Sunday School to worship with my church family and thank them for their continued love, prayers and encouragement.  I plan to work Monday-Wednesday and then enjoy the Thanksgiving holidays with our family.  I wish for each of you a Thanksgiving day full of family fellowship, fabulous food, and fantastic football!!  What more could anyone ask for??


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Days 94-98

Not sure why I am posting.  Not much new to add.  Although, I can report that I am feeling better since treatment #7 is starting to wear off.  I was able to drive to the drug store yesterday.  Then today I made a very necessary trip to WalMart for supplies.  Tomorrow morning I will drive my husband to Huntsville to the oral surgeon so he can get his bottom dentures.  I realize this is NOT good timing for Thanksgiving eating, but he should be in great shape for Christmas!

I am so thankful for friends who continue to send cards, for friends who surprise us with food, and for friends who continue to call to check on me.  Life is GOOD!


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 93

Oh how I love to share not just GOOD...but GREAT news!!

Today I went with mom to get the results of her PETscan, and Dr B came in and immediately said: Well, I have some great news.


Here it is...the BEST news:

The lesions in mom's lungs aren't sparkly anymore. Apparently, they look sparkly when they are active. Well, they weren't fooling anyone with that sparkly nonsense. They were bad news and they are most definitely losing the fight! Take that!
The "main" lesion/nodule in her lungs has shrunk from 13mm to 9mm.
That's right...get out of here, stupid cancer!

Now for the BEST of the BEST news:

The tumor that is the point of origin has SHRUNK!
That is right, my friends. SHRUNK SHRUNK SHRUNK!!!
Not only has it shrunk, but it has decreased by MORE than HALF!
Bye bye, stupid cancer.

Mom will have 6 more chemo cycles...because it's WORKING!
After that, she will have more tests. Dr B's thoughts are that mom will be able to stop chemo at that point and begin radiation. Zapping it the rest of the way of out her body.

Still a long road, but the potholes are being filled in and the clouds have decided to clear for this leg of the journey. Gratitude overwhelms me. I cannot begin to put into words my emotions right now, so I'll just embrace the giddiness of GREAT news and try to process my own emotional state another day.

Thank you, so incredibly much, for your prayers and love. Please keep 'em coming.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Days 86-92

Here I sit at the computer yet again, attempting to put my thoughts and feelings into words, phrases and paragraphs to be read.  I have decided that this "journal" is probably more for me and Dana than for anyone else.  It will be a record of both fact and feeling during this unexpected and unwanted journey.

Tomorrow morning is the day I have both looked forward to and dreaded.  I will hear from my oncologist the results of my PETScan.  Dana and Daniel will be with me to hear the words.  I am trying to prepare myself for not hearing the exact words that I long to hear.  I thought that I would be really nervous tonight - unable to sleep.  BUT . . . I am relatively calm.  I will listen to what the doctor says and then we will move forward.  Whatever we learn tomorrow, I know that I can handle it.  God has given me both a peace and a fighting spirit.  So, CANCER, deal with that!!

Now, to end on a lighter note, let me tell you about the past six days.  I have had a ball!!  I began to feel better last Wednesday afternoon.  It is hard to describe, but it was as though energy was gradually filling my body.  And then at some point, I was all me again.  I was able to work most of Thursday and Friday.  I bought groceries Friday afternoon and "cased the joint" at Belk in preparation for the big Saturday sale.  Since Sunday was my birthday, I was looking for a gift for Dan to give me.  I had decided on a pair of boots, since I had never had any.  I am "branching out" in this new phase of my life!  Believe it or not, I found the perfect pair of black boots and bought them for myself!

Saturday was Charity Sale day at Belk and gift cards would be given to the first 100 shoppers.  Should I? . . . Could I? Would I?  Oh, yes, I did.  I lined up at 5:30 a.m.and enjoyed talking to the other crazy people lined up in 40 degree weather!  It was great fun to be one of the 100.  Even though my gift card was only for $5, it was worth it.  I had birthday money burning a hole in my pocket and I spent it all that day!!  I loved it!

Then I stopped at Starbucks for coffee and a scone.  What a special treat!   Thanks to whoever gave me the Starbucks gift card.  Following that, I went home and took a nap.  The rest of the day was spent preparing myself for the BIG GAME that night.  As usual, I was attired appropriately in my Alabama shirt, my Alabama earrings, necklace & bracelet, and my Alabama socks.  The final score was not what I wanted, but it was a great game and I am so proud of our team.  ROLL TIDE ROLL.

Sunday was my birthday.  The only sad aspect was that since the grandkids had been sick, I could not see them.  Germs and chemo do not mix well.  But I was entertained throughout the day with phone calls and "Happy Birthday to You's" from the most wonderful grandkids ever.  I asked Carter if he had been practicing since he sounded so good.  I heard him pause as he said, "No, I just know that song."  My sister-in-law Linda came from Oneonta for lunch and a visit.  We had a great time.

Today I was able to go to work.  My friends/co-workers had planned a wonderful birthday lunch and we enjoyed good food and fellowship.  Don't tell Dana, but one of the gifts I got today was a cute white kitchen towel with red lettering that reads "Crimson Kitchen."  She'll definitely want one just like it!!

I am so grateful for the past few GOOD DAYS.  My "batteries" have been recharged and I am ready for Treatment #7.  Bring it on..