Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 93

Oh how I love to share not just GOOD...but GREAT news!!

Today I went with mom to get the results of her PETscan, and Dr B came in and immediately said: Well, I have some great news.


Here it is...the BEST news:

The lesions in mom's lungs aren't sparkly anymore. Apparently, they look sparkly when they are active. Well, they weren't fooling anyone with that sparkly nonsense. They were bad news and they are most definitely losing the fight! Take that!
The "main" lesion/nodule in her lungs has shrunk from 13mm to 9mm.
That's right...get out of here, stupid cancer!

Now for the BEST of the BEST news:

The tumor that is the point of origin has SHRUNK!
That is right, my friends. SHRUNK SHRUNK SHRUNK!!!
Not only has it shrunk, but it has decreased by MORE than HALF!
Bye bye, stupid cancer.

Mom will have 6 more chemo cycles...because it's WORKING!
After that, she will have more tests. Dr B's thoughts are that mom will be able to stop chemo at that point and begin radiation. Zapping it the rest of the way of out her body.

Still a long road, but the potholes are being filled in and the clouds have decided to clear for this leg of the journey. Gratitude overwhelms me. I cannot begin to put into words my emotions right now, so I'll just embrace the giddiness of GREAT news and try to process my own emotional state another day.

Thank you, so incredibly much, for your prayers and love. Please keep 'em coming.


Sonja said...

So so SOO happy for you, your mom and the whole family!!!

Dahnelle said...


Quincy Sorensen said...

I do pray her daily! I am so happy about this for you and her and everyone! What a blessing today!

Jessica M said...

Great great great news!

Veronica said...

I'm a friend of Julie's and had to stop over here to read the good news she shared on her blog! So happy for you all and praise the Lord your mom is doing so well! Awesome news!!!

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