Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day 30

Today was a hook up day for mom.
Fun times.

Last week when mom scared everyone to death at the cancer center by almost passing out and needing to be rehydrated...again, her oncologist told her that he might give her a week off so her body could catch up.

Today was the day to decide...and the decision was to stick with the original time line but to reduce the chemo by 15%. Mom's already feeling not so great, but she's being a good girl and taking her meds. Hopefully she'll rest well tonight.

We're also really REALLY hoping she doesn't get any more mouth sores.
They are not fun. Trust me. I know.
I've been there and even though I was only 8, it is not something I'll ever EVER forget. I could barely open my mouth wide enough to fit a baby spoon. I ate a lot of pudding during those times. And having to rinse my mouth out...*shudder*...just horrible.
Knowing that Mom has had a mouth sore makes me want to weep. I just keep praying that this dose of chemo will be kinder to the healthy parts of her body. Kick the cancer's butt...leave the good part alone.

Wonder when someone will invent smarter chemo...?

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