Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Days 78-80

UPDATE:  Monday I was able to work six hours and felt really good.  Two of my friends/co-workers brought be a gift of a comfortable outfit that I can wear at home.  It was such a thoughtful gift.  The only problem was I apparently look smaller than I am.  They got XS and that was a little too tight.  So now they have exchanged for the more accurate size.  What great friends.

BEST UPDATE:  As many of you know I have avoided asking my doctor how many treatments I might have.  He told me yesterday that he would tell me.  I said "Oh, no.  Because if you tell me I have to have 40 treatments, I'll just have to lie on the floor and cry!"  He said, "Sandra, what if I told you that you are half way through treatments?"  I was so excited.  I am on #6 this week and I only have six more to go!  I am thrilled.  And then he said that after I complete the next six treatments I might have radiation for a while.  That means I won't have to have chemo AND radiation at the same time, which is what they had first thought.  YEAH!!!!!  Actually, he said, depending on how things go, I might not have to have radiation at. all.  DOUBLE YEAH!!!!!

They made a couple of changes in my meds - a different anti-nausea [which has really worked] and added some "calming" meds to help keep me calm during the 3+ hours I am receiving chemo.  I think we have come up with the perfect combo.  I was able to drive myself to my "refill" today, which I have not been able to do since my first week of chemo the first of August.  AMAZING!!!!

Let me thank you all again for your wonderful prayers and encouragement.  Not only for me, but also for Dana.  And . . . since she asked, I am posting a picture of my purse/pump holder.


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Very cute chemo gear, mom!

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