Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Days 66-73

Quick update:

Mom had her chemo last week and it IMMEDIATELY made her sick. :(
She tried some new anti-nausea meds. She was determined to not have them put her on fluids again.

By the weekend she was feeling better. I know she thoroughly enjoyed the Alabama game! (I got a GO TRENT!! text.) :)

Sunday, mom felt well enough to get out and about. She and Daddy stopped by and visited for a few minutes, took B to see where the new high school is being built, and took lil man to see the new Paradise Donuts. Tuesday afternoon, they stopped by again and surprised us with dinner...Whitt's BarBQue...YUM!

More awesome news:
Mom is at work today! She is working tomorrow!
She is also going in Friday morning for a couple of hours before she goes to have lunch with K and lil man at school!

Then...and yes, there is more:
Mom and Dad are watching the kids while Steve and I go to the temple on Saturday.

I am SO HAPPY that mom feels well enough to do all of these things!!
I will never take for granted fun mom/Goppie times...or even just the everyday things.
They are far too precious not to savor and lovingly treasure each and every time.

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Jessica M said...

Hope your mom, Kayla, and Carter have a great time at the lunch/book fair fun on Friday!

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