Sunday, October 23, 2011

Days 74-77

May I say that I have had a GREAT week?!?!?!  After my treatment [Oct. 11-13], I felt awful, as I usually do.  But . . . I began to feel better sooner than usual!  I was able to drive my husband to a doctor's appointment on the following Tuesday and drop by to see the grandkids.  I was able to work the mornings of Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  It has been months since I was able to work three days in a row.  It felt so good to be able to be at work and to see all my friends/co-workers.  And, since my next treatment isn't until Tuesday [25th], I will be able to work tomorrow!!

Now let me tell you about the past three days.  It was amazing to be able to spread my wings and fly a little this weekend.  Friday: worked 8:00-10:00; drove to Kayla and Carter's school to "Have Lunch with Someone You Love"; drove home to rest and then buy groceries; and, last but not least, drove to a craft party!  Had a great time at the craft party - enjoyed great fun, made some cute Halloween crafts, and was uplifted by amazing fellowship with new friends [and my daughter].  Saturday: cleaned house in preparation for special visitors [better known as the best grandkids in the world]; had a great time entertaining and being entertained by said grandkids for several hours; and then finished the day by watching Alabama win again!  Then today I was blessed to go to church and Sunday school where I was surrounded with love from my church family.  So after these past few days I am ready for treatment #6.

I want to try to explain a purchase I made this weekend.  It has a great deal to do with my mental health.  I bought a small, denim purse that I can wear on my shoulder.  And you're asking at this point, "So . . . .?"  Let me explain.  When I have treatments I am "hooked" to a pump from noon on Tuesday until noon on Thursday.  The pump is about 4"x6", is pretty heavy and is worn in a black pouch/fanny pack.  I don't mean to fuss or complain, but it is awkward to wear and makes me feel "odd."  I realize that this pump is an amazing upgrade and much better than other alternatives.  But just the thought of having to wear it was becoming a huge dread for me.  I know that is unreasonable.  But so be it.  So, I got the idea that if I could put it in something else that I could carry with me, then I would feel better.  I have a friend who had shared with me that when she was going through the same treatments she found a bag she liked that she could wear over her shoulder.  I went looking for something that would work for me and let me feel better about my life as it is today.  I found a cute denim purse that will be perfect!!!  I can't wait to try it Tuesday.

I continue to learn as I travel this new path.  I am continually blessed with the love of those around me.  I am encouraged and cared for by my wonderful oncologist and nurses at Clearview.  I am reminded each day of God's love for me and am supported by his strong arms as I make my way on this unexpected journey.


Jessica M said...

So glad to hear you've had a few good days in a row. And I think the purse is a great idea!

Julie said...

So glad you are feeling well & found a bag! Love you!

Natalie said...

The little denim purse sounds like a perfect solution and I happen to agree that a new bag/purse can make most of us feel a little better. Thinking of you!

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