Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 2

Mom learned a valuable lesson yesterday:
If your oncologist gives you medicine to take home.
For any reason.
Take it.

After mom's first infusion yesterday, she slowly started feeling like yuck. Instead of taking the anti-nausea meds she had in hand, she decided she could just tough it out.
Silly mom.

After unnecessarily suffering for a few hours, she realized that maybe dear ol' doc had a point. :) She took her meds like a good girl and...lo and behold!...she felt better, she slept well, and even woke up feeling "good". Of course today's "refill" as she calls it took its toll before the afternoon was out, but she took her meds. I don't think she went to bed feeling great, but tomorrow she gets "off the hook" and can enjoy almost 12 days of no chemo before they need to "fill her tank" as my grandmom says.

My family delights in wordplay. Just in case you didn't notice.

So today mom got a refill AND took her meds. She still felt lousy, but she's doing all she can do. And who can ever ask for more than your all??


Jenni said...

Those meds are SO important! Who is she seeing? I see Dr. Paul Dang at Clearview Cancer Center - LOVE him. Continued prayers for you all!

Julie said...

Is it bad that I laughed a little? It just sounded SO much like Grandmom! When the doctor gives you medicine, there's usually a reason. :)

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