Sunday, December 4, 2011

November 21-December 4, 2011

Oh, my!  Where has the time gone?  Please forgive my neglect of this blog, but life keeps getting in the way!!!

Just so everyone is caught up . . . I was able to work some the week of Thanksgiving and really enjoyed being with my Calhoun cohorts!!  They always are so supportive and positive in their comments.  I truly miss them when I am not able to work.

Thanksgiving day was wonderful!!  We spent the day at Dana's with family and new friends.  There was enough food to have fed the entire neighborhood!  And it was all delicious.  It was a great day!!  After returning home that night my mission was to bake two apple cakes to take to Tuscaloosa the next day.  Nothing smells better than a house with something good baking in the oven!!

Friday, we traveled to Tuscaloosa to see my Mom, my brother and his family.  It was so good to be together!!  We usually see each other once a year [my brother, not my mother] so it was imperative not to miss going.  We had wall-to-wall family and IT WAS GREAT.  Mother enjoyed having all of her great-grandchildren together at once.  The two oldest [girls] are 13 and 11 and the four boys are 6, 4, 3, and 11 months.  We enjoyed eating, talking, watching football, eating, talking, playing cards, etc.  The biggest attraction for the boys were the trains that travel near Mother's backyard.  Thanks to the April 27 tornado, you can not just hear them, but you can see them amazingly well.  The boys were beside themselves every time they heard the whistle.  They would yell for everyone to "COME SEE THE TRAIN!!!"  And we would all rush out the back door onto the patio to cheer on the train.  Noting, of course, if it was passenger or freight and if it had a caboose.  What fun!!

Saturday morning the last piece of the puzzle was in place when my nephew, his wife, daughter [2 yrs old] and son [expected the end of January], arrived in T-town. .  Ain't family great?!?!?!?!

Traveled back to North Alabama in time to watch the BIG GAME at Dana and Steve's.  Roll Tide Roll!!!  Enough said.

I worked again on Monday, November 28.  Then Tuesday-Thursday [Nov. 29-Dec.1] had treatment #8.  Only 4 more to go [not that I am counting].  I am just now starting to feel okay from this treatment.  I feel guilty when I complain, when so many others feel much worse than I do.  It's the same old problems - weakness, tiredness, no appetite, awful taste in my mouth that won't go away!!! 

My current quest is to decorate the house for  Christmas.  I need a huge surge of energy to accomplish that.  Maybe if I just do a little each day, then ,hopefully, it will be done in time.  Also this week I will attend K's choral concert and B's band concert and go to the Christmas Festival.   This will truly be a musical week!

Hoping that each of you is enjoying this wonderful season of JOY, PEACE and LOVE,


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Julie said...

We had such a great Thanksgiving! I'm already looking forward to next year! :)

I think decorating a little each day is the way to go. We're doing that. We only have the bottom half of the tree done. Don't ask. Lol!

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